Friday, 6 April 2012

Two Weeks Old

Mummy and Lex
Today the babies were two weeks old and we had a very good day. I'm finally over my mini cold so it was 'Operation Cuddle your Children' day. First was Lex.

His hair is so silky and he is so easy to cuddle now he has lost most of his tubes and lines. He seemed quite content being cuddled and just zonked out.

Mummys first cuddle with Charlie

Next was Charlie, who has been a bit up and down lately. They think he has an infection and he's on antibiotics but they can't actually culture anything - so they don't know what he has. His temperature was up and down yesterday and he wasn't digesting his milk very well.

Today, however, he's much better. His temperature is lower and he is digesting milk better. He's breathing really well too. Plus I got my very first cuddle with him. He just snuggled in.

Beth in her big girl clothes
Finally Beth had a very exciting day. Because she is doing so well they removed the long line from her leg, which meant she could wear big girl clothes.

It also meant that she was moved from High Dependency into Special Care, just one incubator down from Lex! We have two babies in one room. It's fantastic!

Mummy and Beth
So I had to celebrate with a cuddle.

Today was a very good day.

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