Thursday, 26 April 2012

Babies, Parents and Rabbits

Today was weigh in day and all the babies are doing well. Neil (I think) asked for objects for scale so all the baby pictures in this post have added objects/parents.


Charlie and Mummy
Charlie is now 2 pound 9, very nearly 2 pound 10 (up 1 ounce). He's on 3 hourly feeds and has even started breastfeeding - although he is a little unsure what to do! Bit like his mummy.

His breathing is going very well and they are going to try him on low flow tomorrow (whatever that is - all I know is it is less support than high flow). If he is ok with that for a few days then he will be ok to move into Special Care and we could have all our babies in the same room. Crazy!


Lex and Daddy
Lex is now 3 pound 6, very nearly 3 pound 7 (up 3 ounces). He's started breastfeeding too and has been extremely alert this week. He is working on the whole focussing thing and seems to be seeing much better.

He also managed to poo so dramatically this week, when his Daddy was changing him, that he required a whole new incubator! Look how happy he is!


Beth and her rabbit
Beth is now 3 pound 3 (up 3 ounces). She's breastfeeding too and taking to it very well.

She's still happy just breathing air and now is very close to the 1.5 kilo's magic number that means she will move into a cot...which means we can pick her up whenever we like and Granny's (just Grannys - sorry everyone else!) can cuddle her too. Won't be long now...

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