Thursday, 30 May 2013

Birthday babies

Today was mummy's birthday. Last year on her birthday Mummy got her first triple baby pile on. (Pile on is copyright Rebecca Jayne Peacock White). A year on we repeated this and the photos look a little bit different! 

Last year:

This year

How things have changed :-) Its a little easier to identify who is who now for a start. 

Beth has progressed to letting go of the sofa and discovering gravity. Thankfully the padded nappies are there to ease the burden. Lex is enjoying sitting up and watching the tv (as evidenced in the picture) but he is trying to stand. Charlie can't be bothered with sitting or standing, he is though breakdancing. He leaves his head in a fixed position and then spins round and round. He has decided that this Shows his Groovy Moves (Show Me Show Me - Cbeebies for the uninitiated). 

The babies are now mixing with other babies. Izzy, their nanny, takes them to the library every week so they can mix. In a few weeks they are trying the pub. Mummy and Daddy are socialising as well. They had a nice meal in Silversmiths and next week are going to the cinema :-O Actually the babies do more socialising than mummy and daddy. 

They are growing up very quickly. We have to be very sharp to keep up with them! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Quick Recap

It's actually been so long that I have too much to say. This working business does take up time. 

Lex and Tom. 

 Millie and Beth. 

 Lex and Jamie. 

So in the last month we went to visit grandma, the babies met their cousins (Tom, Millie and Jamie) and were completely smitten with them. Later that week grandma had an unpleasant encounter with a dog and ended up in hospital with a bad bite! 

Daddy went down to borehamwood again that weekend to see grandma and mummy and granny looked after the kids. 

The nanny is settling in great and she took the babies to toddler group where they caught colds so mummy's time without daddy included snotty babies. Which meant they kept waking up overnight. 

Mummy and daddy both got the cold as well. This has not stopped us from having lots of outings with the babies to - tescos, swings at the park, matalan and, today, a fair at Weston Park. 

In the last month Beth is now pulling herself around the furniture and occasionally chucking herself backwards in an attempt to stand without assistance. She has taken up pointing and round and round the garden. 

Lex has taught himself to sit up unaided and does this every few minutes. He is very proud of this feat. He now says 'Ga! Ga!' on a regular basis and we are not entirely sure whether this is mama, dada or grandma. He also claps with gusto but has not realised it takes two hands so he just waves one hand up and down. 

Charlie has taken up breakdancing and spins around on his head by peddling with his legs against the wooden floor. He has decided shouting is 'the' way to get fed and does this regularly. In the last few days he has realised crawling is a more effective way of getting around. 

They are getting more and more fun every day - and they were already fantastic. 

Granny with Beth and lex. 

Beth on the swings. 

Lex and Charlie. Lex has a new coat from Matalan. 

Charlie, Beth and Lex.

Lex shows us his new favourite thing. 

Picnic in the park with Uncle Chris.