Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Dizzy Valentine

Another busy week - but then they all are in the baby zoo. We had another baby visiting - Florrie who is nearly 3 months old and in the same size clothes as Beth!

The babies seem to be trying to break me bit by bit. It's not just the lifting and carrying, which is getting harder and harder, but then Wednesday night I was holding Lex and Matt was just about to take him off me. Lex got all excited and wriggled - nutting me hard on the cheekbone! He was fine whereas my cheek throbbed for a few hours.

Anyway next day was Valentine's day and in a romantic frenzy we ate steak, had a glass or two of wine and were asleep by 10pm! We really know how to live!

Today (Sunday) I woke up feeling dizzy, sick and with my cheek throbbing again. I rang NHS direct just to check it wasn't anything bad and the triage person I spoke to went through some questions then said 'I'm finding it hard to figure out if you have a virus or a serious head injury!'

Oh good! A nurse rang back and again she struggled but in the end decided it was a virus - so Matt sent me back to bed. He'd been out late the night before so unfortunately missed his lie in.

I'm feeling a bit better now - still dizzy though so Matt's going to have the day off tomorrow to carry babies up and down stairs.

In other news they are all still cute and gorgeous (including daddy!).

Photos are:
Mummy and Beth
Mummy and Charlie
Mummy and Lex
Charlie (mummy's having a close up photo week)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Big news (for us)

It is a big news week. Today we left the house and went shopping! Yes me, the babies and grandma went to the shops. I was far too excited. Probably not good I was driving then but we got there safely.

It is amazing the logistical challenges just getting out and about can bring. How do you put the babies in the car when you have three? If you take one out you have two alone in the house. Today, for example, I came back to get Lex and he'd been sick. Luckily grandma could deal with that but otherwise I'd have to lock Charlie in the car, deal with Lex then carry on.

Right outside the house was a group of school kids doing cycling proficiency. Including Jamie (auntie Teds son). They all watched as we pulled away. I have occasionally bunny hopped the van but luckily didn't this time.

Anyway next I think I'll try a trip to a park on my own with the triple buggy in the back of the car. Then we can step up to people's houses and baby groups.

Other big news is that Beth said 'Ma Ma' for the first time. It really meant loads to me as it was the first time anyone called me their mother. Just reminded me that the stress, expense and physical strain to have them was completely worth it.

Beth has also decided sitting up is the thing to do. She looks so grown up sat up whilst the boys roll around her.

Charlie is getting much better at rolling from his front to his back. He's still working on his words at 5am and I'm sure he said 'bye bye' a few days ago.

So now there is a competition on to see what Lex's first word will be. We have one 'Ma Ma' and one 'Da Da.' Any bets? Matt thinks his first words will be 'feed me' as he does Iove his food.

Photos are:
- What's missing in this picture of Lex?
- There it is!
- Beth just after saying 'Ma Ma'
- Grandma and sitting up Beth
- Lex wonders where his sandwich has gone
- There it is! (Charlie)
- Proof that we went to the shops. Lex is trying to escape from the buggy.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Woolly hats and baby pile ons

Well it's been a busy week with lots of visitors. I've felt a bit like a real person again!

Last Sunday Chrissy came to visit and bought some fabulous woolly hats for the babies (see pics below). Over lunch Charlie said 'Da da' to his Da Da and we all got something in our eye.

Monday night our new nanny, Izzy, came to talk contracts etc. It looks like this is all sorted now. I've spoken to two of her previous employers and they both described her in the same way; organised, great with the kids, reliable, sad to lose her. She's going to start settling in with the kids in March ready for April.

Tuesday Ted, Anna and baby Florrie came to visit - Ted even brought lunch! Florrie is nearly as long as Beth now and both have just come out of 0-3month clothes. Beth is 10 months and Florrie nearly 3 months.

Wednesday our lovely Homestart lady came. She's called Jo and comes every week to help me with the babies. It was well timed this week as Matt was away Tuesday night to very late Wednesday. Unfortunately his great Aunt Phillis died so he went to her funeral.

Ted came back Wednesday night to help me with baby bedtime. Erin and Jamie came down to play with the babies too - I think the babies couldn't quite believe the amount of fuss they got this week!

Thursday daddy was around so that was a great for the babies (and mummy!). They were so excited when they saw him. I'm pretty sure Charlie wee'd - he was shaking so much with excitement.

Friday I thought was a day alone with the babies but no....Jo and Chris came round at lunch time. They both had the babies giggling and smiling all the time. It was a lovely visit.

Honestly it's been lovely and I have really enjoyed having a social life. There may be more of this too as its now 6 months since Charlie came off oxygen. This means we can now mix with others. Hurrah!

Tonight I'm staying in with Matt having a games night and there may be wine. So cheers to that and also raise a glass to Phillis who was a lovely lady - tiny in stature but not in personality. Cheers!

Pictures are:
Beth, Charlie, Lex
Chrissy has a baby pile on
The babies in their hats
Jo, Chris and the babies
Chris has a baby pile on
Lex - he chases (by rolling) that spinny thing across the floor all day