Sunday, 1 April 2012


Once we knew we were having triplets it was obvious that they'd be born early (or I would explode!) and would spend time in special baby care. Everything I read about it warned us that the time they spent there would be one of highs and lows. The past two days perfectly illustrate this.


Charlie has been causing everyone a bit of concern as on x rays it looked like his intestines were swollen. Earlier in the week the consultant had told us that he might have a blockage which would require surgery. We changed his nappy and were delighted to find a poo! The doctor was pleased too and we, wrongly, assumed that was that.

Yesterday we were told Charlie still had a problem. He would have to be taken to the Childrens Hospital, just down the road, for a dye test to see if there was a blockage. If there was they would operate immediately.

Charlie is in there somewhere!
So today we got to the hospital early to see Charlie before he went. We watched as he was carefully loaded into a portable incubator and about 10am waved him off.

After an hour we were phoned and told he had not got a blockage and did not need surgery. Phew! The doctor talked to us later and explained that they think he's probably just having problems because he is premature and little. They are going to test for other conditions but they think its probably just that.

He's now back in his incubator and they are hoping the dye they used will help things along. Poo Charlie Poo!

A very crowded room

Daddy and Beth
Beth is still happy in the High Dependency room (one step down from Intensive Care where Charlie is). Yesterday we were wanting a cuddle but it was so busy in the room we didn't get a chance. The room she is in is so small you are constantly in someones way. It was very frustrating. Here's a picture of the room, with Aunty Anna looking at Beth.

Today I woke up with a very slightly runny nose. I rang the unit for advice and they said as long as I wasn't coughing or had a sore throat I was fine to come in. They said I was ok to touch the babies but I decided to go in but not to touch.

So Daddy came in for lots of cuddles today. Beth was very settled on Daddy's chest.


I think that Lex has decided Beth has been pulling too far ahead. When we went in today he had no sipap tube and we could see his face. He also surprised us by opening his eyes.

Daddy and Lex
Daddy had to have a cuddle with him too. Lex seemed to be searching for food. He was to be disappointed.

Later we were told Lex was being moved out of intensive care into special care (two steps down). He's now settled in a new room and looking great.

So all in all its been an up and down kind of a weekend. Luckily it has ended up on a high.

Lex in his new room


  1. Fabulous - all three seem to be making good, if mixed progress. I know there'll be ups and downs (still have those with David) but let's hope things continue to improve. XXX

  2. Thanks for the update C n M. We so appreciate being kept in the loop. We love you guys and your three little beauties x you are ALL amazing xxx all our love from Auntie H and the Sherlocks xxx