Monday, 16 April 2012


We're really grateful for the cards and gifts people have sent/delivered. Thanks so much to everyone - we've really enjoyed opening the post for a change! People have been extremely generous. For both of us our work colleagues deserve special mention.

This week we got a visit and a nappy cake from the Whalley family (handmade!) and some cuddly toys from my cousin Debby (the exact ones a nurse was advising us to buy so very well chosen). Julie is continuing to knit blankets and Charlie has a new one. The babies Great Uncle Myles and Great Aunt Margaret came today and I think they were quite impressed by their cuteness.

The babies are continuing to do well. They were weighed on Sunday and (we think) the new weights are as below.

Lex - read the baby-gro
Lex is now 2 pound 12. He's still very alert and looks around all the time. He's still on low flow oxygen but it is being turned down every day so he's not far off from just doing the whole breathing thing himself. He's on lots of mummy milk and is digesting it well.

Beth giving me two fingers
Beth is now 2 pound 11. She's still just in air, no help for her in the whole breathing thing. She's moving towards coming out of the incubator and just into a cot - no idea how long that'll be though. She's on lots of mummy milk too but has a habit of seeing it again so she's on a bit of gaviscon to help her keep it down.

Charlie - note the blanket and big boy clothes
Charlie is now 2 pound 7. He's on high flow oxygen and doing really well. He's just finished another course of antibiotics and we're hoping that the infection is gone. Fingers crossed because it has been that every time he finished antibiotics it came back again. He was especially alert today and watched his Great Aunt and Uncle avidly.

Now we can see him properly I'm truly smitten with his cutey face.

The more time I spend with them and getting to know their personalities the more I can't wait to get them home. I really miss them when I'm at home and am just so pleased to see them when I get to the hospital. I don't think I'm the only one.

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