Friday, 22 November 2013

Snot and hobbling

The title might give it away but it's been another kinda crappy few weeks. When last I wrote we were recovering from a stomach bug. Soon after that we went to Clarkes to buy Charlie his first walking shoes. 

I know that photo looks like it was taken in 1898 but I think the printer in Clarkes was running out of ink. Charlie looks super cute though. 

On that trip Matt was pulling the buggy out of the car and managed to damage his back. A few days later it was still bad and a trip to the GPs had him signed off for 2 weeks. He was also banned from lifting anything, including children. 

This left me. And Izzy a few days a week. So that was a tiring few weeks! 

Finally Matt's back got better and that weekend the kids all came down with colds! Sunday night at 2am I was driving Charlie into A&E as he was wheezing again. Luckily he wasn't admitted but it was a pretty tiring night!

Anyway in other news - 

The kids are still super cute as you can see. They are mastering the whole walking thing, climbing and moving onto running.  There are completely clear words coming from them randomly.

Beth has taken up reading books. See below...

Sorry but embedding video seems to be a dream at the moment. Just click on the link. It's worth it.

Charlie has decided he doesn't believe in socks but he is all for glasses. 

Lex has decide family is for wimps and only climbing or cbeebies will please him.  We are working on this...

Matt's brother Andrew visited with his partner Jackie and it was lovely to see them. They are great with the kids and the kids love them. Charlie demonstrated his glasses love to them. 

We also met our friend Amanda at a soft play centre (and Uncle Chris came too). The kids were so excited and loved it. We did too but man were we tired by the time we got home!

So it's not all been crappy really. Remind me of this.