Tuesday, 10 April 2012

He has a face!

All the babies are growing well.

Lex was 2 pound 6 at birth and he's now 2 pound 15. A day or two and he'll be 3 pounds. Good boy!

He's the most alert of the triplets and we get to see his rather unfocused eyes quite often. Not in this photo mind you.

Beth was 2 pound 3 at birth and is now 2 pound 10. She is very chilled out, a talent she will no doubt need over the next decade or so.

Both Lex and Beth are now just concentrating on eating, sleeping, pooing and growing. The evidence from today's nappies is that they are both putting in a lot of effort. We are very proud.

Charlie was 2 pound 1 at birth and is now 2 pound 5 (but has only just started on mummy milk). The big news about him is that he is out of intensive care, hopefully getting the long line out of his leg tomorrow and, most importantly, he has a FACE! They tried him off sipap today and he did really well. They will take him off sipap for a few hours each day and give him a chance to get used to the whole breathing thing. The evidence so far is that he'll be good at it.

He is competing with his siblings on the dirty nappy front and won the gold star today.


  1. You are destroying my reputation. I am ga-ga about these children (though I can do without the nappy stuff)

  2. They are all trying so hard to get big and strong for their Mummy and Daddy. Lovely news and great pics. L xxx