Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's been a bit of a week

The babies have changed - into toddlers. In the last few weeks they have become more communicative, more emotional and more into climbing. Some of it is wonderful and some of it is crazy difficult. 

I've discovered that the best thing to do when I'm having a day with the kids is to take them out. They don't want to be in the buggy anymore. They want to be out and about. 

I've started going to a toddler group - one for twins and multiples - so I'm not the only freak in the field. I've been twice and I think it's going to be great for all of us. 

I've also managed to meet up with some friend who had twins at the same time we had our kids. It's so nice being able to talk to people who understand the wonders and horrors of having more than one kid at the same time. 

Both of the above have been because a friend figured out how I could load the car with the kids. I am quite short (not remarkably short but really quite short) and this doesn't help in putting three kids in a Ford Galaxy! I could get them all in their seats with help of a portable stool (yes really) but I couldn't flip the handle down on Beth's middle seat because you need to be tall enough to press a button on both sides at the same time. I just couldn't reach so I've been basically homebound for months (ever since the kids were let out). Anyway Ruth, another twins mum, said 'why not do it from the passenger seat.' I'd never thought of that!'

So now me loading the car involves carrying out 3 kids, standing on a stool and then climbing in the passenger seat to flip the handle down. Only then can I drive away.

Anyway the reason for the ramble above is that last Friday I was due to meet a friend at a soft play centre for the first time. I was really looking forward to it. Thursday night though Lex was very full of cold and, super emotional because of it - as a result no-one got much sleep so I had to cancel. Grandma Cunnington came up to stay - after Filey we should have be warned what might happen...

By 3am the next night Lex was wheezing badly so we rang the out of hours doctors and were advised to take him into the Children's Hospital. 

Matt took him into the hospital and he was admitted. I swapped with Matt the next day and spent the next night in the hospital. They were talking about Lex coming home when Matt rang to say that Charlie was wheezing! 

So we ended up with Lex on a ward, Charlie downstairs in A&E and Beth at home with Grandma. In the end Charlie was admitted and Lex was released. 

So at that point we had Beth and Lex at home with mummy and grandma, Charlie in the children's hospital with daddy. Whilst putting the two kids to bed Lex did a very good impression of the Exorcist and mummy and grandma cleaned up lots of returned milk. 

I then went to pick up Charlie and Matt. We were all super grateful that the nightmare was over. Grandma went home, after a lovely visit. 

Tuesday night I started to feel extremely ill. It turned out we'd brought home a stomach bug! Oh the joy. Grandma also took it home with her. 

Luckily Wednesday Izzy, the nanny was working so she bleached everything while I lay in bed. Beth was ill that day. 

Thursday began with Charlie being violently sick and after cleaning this up, with Matt, I realised I forgotten to wish him happy birthday! So Happy birthday Matt! 

On the bright side Charlie decided to strike out for the great unknown in the centre of the room on Matts birthday. Here's the link to video proof (I'd google how to embed the link but I'm tired!):

Friday it looked like we were out of the woods. The kids seemed happier and we even had visitors - Jo and Chris - it was fun until Matt started to feel ill...

So now it's Saturday. Matt has been in bed all day. I took the kids for a walk today and an old lady took the time to say 'Oh dear! I hope you are not having any more!'

It's been one of those weeks...