Monday, 22 September 2014

Trains, space rockets and all sorts

Our blog posts are getting further and further apart. That isn't because there is nothing to say but more because we are so busy! Since I last posted we've had the summer, which was mostly very hot. We visited both grandmas and saw lots of cousins,  mummy and daddy got our second ever night off. We are now gearing up to an autumn of changes. 

I was lucky enough to get funding for my MA in Sociological Research so I'm starting that this week. Our nanny, Izzy, is going to work 4 1/2 days a week to cover my working and studying (and Matt working too of course). Next April the kids will start nursery 2 days a week once our free hours come in. I'm sure they will love it. 

The kids are shifting from toddlers to little children. Their vocabulary is expanding day by day. They are slightly more aware of danger and are a bit better at stopping when we tell them to. That's a great relief! It's still tricky to get out and about, particularly alone but we're getting there. 

So here's where they all are. 


Charlie is still the world happiest boy. He loves being tickled, trains, singing and drawing. He is talking so much more than he was and we are granted glimpses inside his mind. It's powered by an extreme enthusiasm for life. He gets excited by so many things - bubbles, birds, bridges - to name a few recent things. 

Recently he has taken to singing full songs, including any actions. His version of incey wincey spider has to be seen to be believed. I'm not sure one word is the traditional one but you know exactly what he is saying. 


Lex is also talking loads now. He came over to me earlier snuggled in for a second then announced 'nice hug' and ran off. He is obsessed with rockets and is often heard counting down from ten to one then shouting 'space rocket to the moon!'

We have started reward charts to try to encourage the kids to eat less flamboyantly (i.e. stop throwing stuff!) and Lex is far ahead of the other two. He can carefully scrape out a yoghurt pot without spilling a drop. 

He loves making little jokes and often comes over to me asking for calpol with a little twinkle in his eye. He knows I'll say no but he likes me laughing at his cheek. 

He is obsessed with our friend Chris (who Beth calls Uncle Crispy) and even has a song about him.  

Both boys are learning to walk in a direction we choose, making it much easier for us to let them all out of the buggy. They love this. They do still fight each other, shouting a weird ninja 'argjjkk!' as they wrestle. I'm sure that's not going to change any time soon - if ever! 


Beth is, as always, a mixture of gorgeous and er.... spirited. When we started the reward charts everyone thought she'd take to it easily but instead she's struggling most. She has this little monkey on her shoulder constantly urging her to chuck her spoon or pour yoghurt on the table and she finds it hard to resist! 

Her vocabulary is amazing. We're in full sentences now. In the morning when I go into their room she might say 'hello mummy, have you been sleeping?' Another example is below...

I asked her what her favourite things are and she said 'trains, walking, carries (being carried) and all sorts.' I'd also add planes, helicopters, people, animals and sweet things. 

The three of them play together more often. They often wrestle just before bed time, all 3 giggling. Charlie keeps tickling Beth's feet and, at the table, feeds her his food. They are practising holding hands and walking together, which may be the cutest thing ever. 

We have been trying to teach them hide and seek which they haven't entirely got. They love the game mind you! I close my eyes and count, listening to them scurrying away to hide. However when I open my eyes and shout 'coming! Ready or not!' All three are stood in front of me grinning. Matt says they just run back from their hiding place at the end! 

Many things are getting easier - bedtimes, going out and about, communication. Other things are harder - discipline and mealtimes come to mind! 

They are all such fun little people though, each in their own way. I love their individual personalities and their close bond. We're very lucky.