Friday, 20 April 2012

4 Weeks Old

The babies are 4 weeks old today. We're starting to get a routine going so I thought I'd run through it below. There's also some updates mixed in too.

A typical day

12am - Claire gets up to express. Generally takes 30-50 minutes. By express I do not mean some kind of acting class.
12.30-1am - back to bed.
3am - Claire gets up to express.
3.30-4am - back to bed.
6.10am - Matt gets up for work.
6.45am - Claire up to express, have breakfast, put washing on, feed piggies.
9am - Claire at Hospital. Run around checking on each baby. Text report to Matt.
9.30am - Express
10am - Cuddles with Beth.
Beth is doing really well. She's now 2 pound 14 and has started trying to breastfeed - she's much better at it than her mummy.

She does, however, have a habit of forgetting what she is doing and falling asleep. Don't worry the picture is PG rated. Also her ear is sticking out because she was laid on it folded over. It did flatten out afterwards.

11am - Cares with Lex. Cares is what the nurses call it when you change the babies nappy, moisten their mouths and sometimes tube feed them. Cares are usually followed by cuddles.

Lex is also doing really well. He's now 3 pounds! He was going to try breastfeeding too but was too sleepy today. I did get you a picture of him with his eyes open though.

12pm - Express/Cares with Beth - yes I have a clash here so I choose the baby. Who wouldn't?
1pm - Express.
1.45pm - Eat...Quickly!
2pm - Cares with Charlie then cuddles. He's doing well too. No sign of infection coming back (yay!). He hasn't put on any weight since last weigh in so his food is going up. Hopefully this'll work. He has been a lot more alert this week and just as wriggly.

Just looking at this picture of Charlie and the above one of Lex - They are identical aren't they? Funny because they look very different to me normally.

Earlier this week we were having a cuddle and he did this advanced yoga move. The nurse was as shocked as me! Shouldn't be able to even lift his head yet! NB This isn't actually Charlie!
3.30-4pm - Matt at hospital.
5pm - Cares with Lex
5.30pm - Drive home.
6pm - Express.
6.30pm - Food!
7-9pm - Sort stuff out, fill in forms, watch tv, write blog.
9pm - Express - Yes again!
9.30pm - Bed!

It's a busy day but its good that we are getting some kind of routine that means each baby gets individual attention. It does mean though that if you want to visit please arrange beforehand - you can see how a lost 30 minutes can mean everything goes to pot!

No reason for this pic but Beth looks cute
Still no news on when the babies will come home. They say it'll be around their due date (5th June) but could be a few weeks either way. The nurses will get the babies in a 3/4 hour feeding routine then all we have to do is keep that going. Simple hey?

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  1. They are gorgeous. Still can't tell them apart though.