Saturday, 25 August 2012

Food glorious food!

Today was a big day as the babies had their first taste of food. Premature babies are supposed to be weaned before other babies as they don't get a chance to lay down stores of vitamins etc.

So today was the big day and we made some lovely (!) baby rice for them. Lex was confused, Charlie cried and Beth licked the spoon like a puppy. Pictures below (Charlie, lex, Beth, lex, Beth, Charlie).

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Visitors and all about the babies

Another busy few days with granny Cunnington visiting then the babies met their aunties and cousins (from my side). It was great to see everyone and lovely to see people so delighted with the new additions to the family.

I thought it'd be good to tell you about each baby because they are already very different. Let's start with the eldest.

Charlie is still the wriggliest boy. His legs and feet are always moving. Am a little bit scared for when he walks! His facial expression is a little like a wounded puppy most of the time then the cutest smile hits.

He smiles mostly at ceilings. And corners. He may be an architect. Or a nutter!

Or a drummer as he loves music and rhythm the most. When there is drumming on the telly his little legs go into hyper speed.

He's usually the first awake in the morning (about 6.30!) but is normally easy to get a grin out of. His favourite toy is anything rattley. He loves having his cheeks kissed.

He is a bit naughty with the other two as he has a habit of putting his hand under their bodies just to bug them. Often we find Lex and Charlie with their faces touching as they sleep. They cry when each other cries.

He loves rhythm, kisses, wriggling and ceilings.

A few weeks ago Lex would have been described as our screamer but lately he's taken up smiling instead. He smiles at most people, particularly old ladies who accost us in the street.

He is bigger than the others and has a bigger appetite. Generally feeding him is a joy as he just drinks. The other two are not so obliging.

He generally reaches milestones first presumably because of his size. He was smiling before he was actually due to be born so he hit that milestone quite early.

He's taken up giggling over the last week or so. It's such fun getting a giggle.

He acts like the big brother, more steady than the other two. At night he lies in the middle and the other two just gravitate towards him.

He loves watching what's going on, textures, dinner time and kisses.

Beth is our little dot. As the smallest she's generally the sleepiest. I often have to wake her in the morning.

She is generally very content (although she had her moments!). I am usually greeted with a big smile in the morning.

She loves standing up (held not on her own!) and her legs must have got very strong as she nearly flew off the sofa today because she kicked off the back cushion and flew forward. I caught her just in time!

She is giggling too and did so for the first time when granny Cunnington was here. It was so cute!

She puts up with me dressing her in pink cutesy dresses really well. She is great to cuddle as she curls into you.

She gives as good as she gets with her brothers and can scratch if there's too much roughness going on. At night she usually turns sideways and ends up with her feet touching Lex.

She loves sleep, cuddles, mirrors and standing up.

Pictures are - Charlie doing Usain Bolt, Beth sleeping, Lex wondering what's going on, the cousins.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


It's the start of the football season so the babies wanted to show their devotion to arsenal. Luckily daddy had already bought them their own kit.

We want him to send it in to Arsenal as we have photographic evidence that they think there is only one set of triplets in the junior gunners. We are hoping for some cool freebies.

In other news Beth has discovered how to giggle and granny Cunnington and I got to experience it full force. Super cute!

Plus we had a visit from the Chatten family at baby feeding time. They were exceptionally helpful and can come again. Evidence below...

Pictures are Beth, Charlie, the family, Lex, the Chattens. X

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Read all about it

Looking nothing alike...
Lots of news in the Cunnington zoo. First things first the mystery baby from the last post was Charlie. The boys are getting more and more alike - we have all been caught out once or twice.

The health visitor from the hospital came round and it turns out the babies are doing so well they don't want to come any more. Bit of a shame as the woman who came out knew everything and that was quite handy!

Mummy and Daddy sad to leave the babies
When she was round Lex was chattering away and she was totally smitten 'he's so bright!' she kept saying.

This last Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and thanks to my mum we got to go out - to the pub! It was odd. We had conversations...with wine.

Wednesday the local health visitor came out and weighed the babies. They are officially huge! Beth is 9 pounds, Charlie 10 pound 4 and Lex 12 pounds! She is so happy she's not coming back for a month. It's like they trust us with the babies....

Then Wednesday night Matt and I treated ourselves to a night nanny, it was great! The nanny stayed in the room with the babies and we slept. Quite a treat!

Charlie, Lex and Beth have a chat about hating baths
Tonight it's been bath night and there's been lots of screaming. They hate baths. Nevermind. Tomorrow we're meeting Andrea, Simon, Lily and Alfie for a walk to the park then granny Cunnington is up for the weekend.

Sunday both my sisters are up with their kids so the babies get to meet their cousins. Very excited! There will be pics...

10 pound 4
12 pounds!
9 pounds

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bring me Sunshine

It's been a busy few days in the Cunnington baby zoo. Granny Coleman was up Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday Chris (from work) and his son Max took us to the park where we played Indiana Jones.

Later Sarah and Don Barnes helped feed the babies and also brought rattley toys.

Today (Wednesday) Lex has been so much fun as he's learning to make lots more sounds than crying (phew!). So I've been having lots of conversations with him. Does he speak English? Well he uses all the right letters but not necessarily in the right order.

Then this afternoon Matt came home from work early and we went to Graves Park to meet actual people! With the restrictions placed upon us by Charlie's oxygen needs we've been pretty much barred from anywhere involving people so it was a big deal to me to get out. I have been going for a walk everyday but not one that included conversation with people (except for amazed granny's in the street).

So all in all it's been a great few days and now we are knackered!

Attached are pics of the babies at the park, in their cot and a mystery baby - guess who....

Friday, 3 August 2012

Teeth already?

This blog post is just an excuse to post cute pictures. All going well here. Charlie might be teething super early but there's no tooth to prove that yet. Lex is screaming a little less. Beth is waking up a bit more.

We went to the hospital for the babies to have a check up. The doctor was very pleased with their progress. Beth's tiny holes in her heart seem to have closed. Lex is still growing at a slightly scary pace and Charlie is doing great without the oxygen.

The babies have also decided to sleep longer overnight. Beth and Charlie used to wake at 11pm then 1 then 6. Now they wake at 2am and 5.30 ish. Lex just sleeps through until 5.30. Of course thanks to charlies teething that went out of the window last night but never mind.

Anyway its all good. The photos show smiley babies and a bit of sisterly and brotherly love. First up is two of Lex and Charlie (Lex on the left), Lex smiling, Beth smiling then finally Beth and Charlie.