Sunday, 8 April 2012

Room 2 Again!

We're getting used to having two babies in one room now. It means we can both cuddle a baby in view of the other. It's a bit like being normal parents - a bit like.

What's weird is how quiet the other people are when they are holding their babies. We seem to be the only parents in the room that actually speak to their children. Maybe they think we are odd.

We're also learning how to tube feed the babies. They are still too premature to feed themselves. Apparently they only develop a suck reflex at 34 weeks. It all seems a bit complex at the moment but that's just because we're nervous new parents not wanting to get anything wrong.

And don't even get me started on dressing them! Really, REALLY hard when they are in an incubator, with lots of tubes, and you just have two little doorways to put your hands through. Plus the clothes, even the tiny baby ones, are far too big. You will see lots of pictures of them with their hands lost in clothing. See Lex as an example. You can see that he is not impressed.

Anyway today the big news is all about Charlie. He's breathing better so it looks like, soon, he'll move onto high flow - which means he'll only have a tiny tube under his nose (just like Lex) and we will actually see his face properly. It will also make cuddles much easier.

He's also tolerating milk better. He's up to 75ml a day. Once he gets up to 150ml he comes off extra fluids, can lose the long line in his leg and gets to wear big boy clothes.

Even better than that though Charlie is doing so well they are planning to move him out of Intensive Care into High Dependency. He's moving into Room 2 - the tiny corridor Beth has just left but never mind - it means he's improving a lot. Hopefully he'll be there when we go in tomorrow.

Matt has just cooked me a lovely garlic and rosemary roast lamb for tea. Now to start on that box of chocs. Happy Easter!


  1. Such wonderful, happy Easter news!! Keep it up all of you.

    Lesley xxx

  2. Pleased to read all your babies are doing well, hope you have a lovely 1st easter as a family of 5 xx