Monday, 30 April 2012

A Big Day

It's been a bit of a day - in a good way.

Lex has put on another ounce and is now 3 pound 7.

He's been amazingly alert and focusing really well on faces. Andrea, Ted and Hannah came to visit on Saturday and he rewarded them with lots of eye contact. Photographic evidence to follow when Hannah emails it through.

Here's a pic of him with his Daddy showing not only his alertness but also how he now associates being picked up with food. I also love the muppet waving in the background.

Beth and Granny Coleman
Beth has put on 3 ounces up to 3 pound 6 so she's doing extremely well.

This meant that she was above the magic 1.5kg so guess what happened today....yes she was moved into her very own cot.

We can now pick her up whenever we like and don't have to wait for nurses to help. So today she got her first cuddle with Granny Coleman - just in time for Granny Cunnington to return from Australia and get her cuddles too - Hurrah!  Sorry to everyone else, especially Andrea as she is chomping at the bit, but I checked with the nurses and it's just cuddles with Grannys at the moment.

Apparently, and she will hate me for this when she is older, she's joined the exclusive Cunnington baby club by shooting poo across the room. Turns out not all babies do this, just all 3 of ours! Lucky us.

Charlie is now 2 pound 10, up 1 ounce, and is doing really well on low flow.

He's looking more and more like Lex, or like himself (!), as he puts on weight.

Today he had a great day as he has figured out the whole breastfeeding thing. He was also amazingly alert afterwards. I just love watching him because you can tell there's a little mind behind those eyes. I can't wait to find out what he's thinking.

The big news with him is that (hopefully) tonight he's being moved down to room 7 - to be with his brother and sister. We shall see tomorrow but we're getting closer to reuniting them in cuddles.

And oh yes there will be pictures of that!

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  1. "the muppet waving in the background" is no way to refer to Matt!!