Tuesday, 3 April 2012


We have spent the past few days hoping for poo and now our children are supplying the goods.

Thanks in part to the dye test he had Charlie has started having a good clear out. We now check every day how well he has done overnight. Poo has become fascinating.

Also Charlie is now off the ventilator and breathing on his own, with a little sipap help. He's also started on mummy milk which has me doing lots of maths to try to keep ahead of demand for my three feeders.

The big news for Charlie is that he's booked in for his very first, ever in his life, cuddle this afternoon. I'm still a bit snotty so the honour goes to daddy. Not that I'm jealous at all. Oh no. Not me. I am the very picture of motherly generosity.

Beth is still in her tiny room and, as a result, does get a bit less attention than the other two. You are just always in someone's way. Luckily she has basically been asleep all day except for this brief moment.

Lex is still in the big boys room and is even wearing clothes! A big step forward. He's breathing normal air and seems quite alert. 

He apparently produced the most amazing quantity of poo today and even got the nurse with it. Good lad!

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  1. Looking forward to meeting them all - and of course to seeing the two of you again.