Thursday, 28 March 2013


This week I've been getting ready to go back to work next week. I'm going back half time and this week I've worked one morning and one afternoon.

It's been an opportunity to settle the new nanny in. I was expecting some tears (not just mine!) but we've all adjusted well. Izzy (the nanny) is following our routine so the babies aren't too freaked out by the change. So far it seems to be going really well.

Work has been a bit of a shock. We're in a new building, I have a new line manager, people have left or moved teams and it turns out quite a few people read this blog! On top of that I had parking troubles - they haven't sorted out permits for next week so I was permitless and its not easy to park around the Uni.

I also have to get back into work mode - not putting kisses at the end of emails, not using drop kerbs to cross roads and trying not to sing any cbeebies tunes at work.

These few hours I've been back have been really useful. I've wandered the halls of my new office and discovered who works where. It's very quiet there, mind you, and a five minute chat in a corridor was punctuated by a pointedly slammed door (thanks!).

I've got plenty of work to be getting on with, which is good and future lunches arranged with friends - I get an hour for lunch, how weird is that? Not weird at all to you I'm sure but it is to me!

I also managed to sort the parking mostly by pointing out it wasn't my fault they hasn't sorted the permits out yet. So should there be any trouble at home I can make a swift exit. Hopefully I won't need to but it's good to know that I can.

So all in all I'm feeling happy that we can all cope with the change and before that we have a long weekend with daddy to enjoy. Hurrah!

Ooh I forgot to say that Beth is crawling now, Lex commando (terminator) crawling and Charlie is finally cutting some top teeth.

Pictures are Lex, Charlie pulling an odd face and Beth.

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  1. Good luck getting back to work. I can't believe that your babies are a year old already! I think they're still babies awhile.