Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big fight weigh in - this time its personal

Its been a while but today the Health Visitor came today to poke and prod the babies, and most importantly to weigh them. The results are now in and are as follows:

Lex "Slugger" Cunnington:
Was 16lbs8, now weighs in at 20lbs1oz and has moved up to the 75th percentile. His head is between the 75th to 95th percentile

Charles "The Head" Cunnington
Charlie has got to 17lbs2oz, up from 14lbs10oz. This puts his body length 9th centile. All the food has gone to his head which is now on the 75th centile. He is the Mekon.

Elizabeth "Dinky Toy" Cunnington
Beth has shot up from 12lbs10 to 15lbs7 and joined Charlie on the 9th centile. She is in the 25th centile for length so is getting lanky.

The Health Visitor was happy with their motor skills, so they can now drive cars. 

The babies are all progressing well. Charlie has started to copy Lex and roll and roll and roll. Poor old Beth is now faced with two juggernaught of brothers who decide where they want to be and then roll there, regardless of who and what gets in their way. Beth has also upped her game and decided to become feral, she growls and attack peoples feet and ankles. She waits until you are looking the other way and then "bam" attaches her newly minted teeth into your feet. She especially likes mummy's slippers. I fear we have raised a zombie daughter.

The kids are all getting their own personalities now. Lex is very determined, Beth is a bit moody and Charlie just smiles at everything, especially his own farts which he finds most amusing. Daddy particularly likes this, when he has had a bad day or boring day at work he comes through the door he is always met with a beaming smile, usually from Beth and squawk of delight (sometimes that comes from mummy after a bad day). All the babies have become more interactive in play, they have discovered how to steal toys from each other. Lex has become incredibly proficent at this.

Every day they are getting a little more independent and a little more mobile, which has necessitated child proofing the house, basically we will turn the front room into one large play pen and the adults will move out :-)

Picture below shows Beth turning feral.



  1. How well they are all doing :-) Love the photo of the boys smiling at each other, what joy they must be bringing to you (and exhaustion I'm sure) Good news about 6 good eyes! They look such happy babies, you are doing a marvellous job xxxx

  2. Bloody Hell, how things change in a year. You might be exhausted but aren't they great?