Friday, 5 April 2013

Needles and being needled

It's been a big week in the Cunnington baby zoo as mummy started back at work, Izzy the nanny formally started work and the babies had their MMR jabs.

Work has been fine, still too quiet though. I ate an apple in the office on Tuesday and felt I was disturbing everyone! I've been hunting down some headphones so I can have music on (and not hear myself eating apples!).

Tuesday night after work I made myself late home (which was hard) because I popped into tescos for some headphones. When I got them out of the packet the next day they had a huge plug on the end. They were stereo headphones - for a stereo! I couldn't believe it.

Anyway luckily I work in IT because my colleagues suggested that we trying unscrewing the big plug and lo and behold there was a dinky computer plug underneath. Would have looked like a right idiot taking them back wouldn't I?

The main thing this week, for me anyway, has been getting used to having someone else in the house. Maybe it's because I lived on my own for quite a while before Matt moved in - or I'm just a finikity bugger but I'm finding it a bit tricky. Things aren't where I leave them. The fridge is arranged differently.

This is all probably a good thing as I've stayed in the house for far too long over the past year but I think there's a time of adjustment for me anyway. It's also, I'm sure, that someone else is looking after my babies and frankly they seem perfectly content with the change.

So mummy's nose is a little out of joint but it's good really that they are secure enough to handle the change? Isn't it? It's also really good that we have found a great nanny!

Today we took them for their MMR jabs. After last time I'd suggested Matt come too and like a good daddy he did. He literally had to help me restrain Lex for his jabs as he's too wriggly and strong.

All the babies did very well and recovered their good humour quickly despite three injections each. As before I think I found it more upsetting than them really but then again I wasn't stabbed with needles!

This weekend, if its nice, we're hoping to do the day out we were going to do for their birthday - a trip to Graves Park farm - so who wants to bet it snows again?

Pictures are:
The babies
Jo, Chris and Charlie (they brought some fab hats!)
Beth and Lex await starters orders
The boys
The babies

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