Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

It's been a lovely weekend. Matts brother Andrew and partner Jackie came up (from Borehamwood) and down (from Glasgow) to see us. The kids were excited to see them and even more so when it was revealed that they had brought presents!

We were very pleased to see them too as we had a couple of civilised evenings chatting to actual people in our house. The weather has been a less pleasant visitor as it is sticking with the cold and wet theme it's been following for a while now. It'd be very nice to have some sunny dry days.

Today was my first Mother's Day. I did sort of have a mother to be day last year (and little did we realise how quickly I'd be a mother!) but this was the first official one. The babies got me a card and two framed photos for my desk at work.

The card has a poem...

Thank you for wiping our bots
Thank you for loving us lots
Thank you for carrying us in your tummy
Thank you for being our mummy

Quite sophisticated for 11 month old babies!

I've had a few messages and a card from friends who know how important this day is to me. I used to be so sad on Mother's Day and now I get to see these little beauties!

No-one is a luckier, more grateful mummy than me.

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