Wednesday, 13 March 2013

End of year report

Today we got our report cards back. It's a little early but the babies came early too so it seems only fair.

We went back to Jessops hospital today for a check up and popped into the special baby care unit to say hello. The consultant checked the babies over and pronounced them all fit and well. They are developing well apparently and he's very happy with their progress. We are seeing him again in six months.

The dietitian was there too and joy of joys we can drop some bottles! We are also dropping formula from their birthday so they will be on cows milk from then on.

So very soon no more formula bottle making, no sterilising. We are so excited! To put this into context - at the moment we make bottles twice a day (12 bottles in all). We have to boil the kettle, wait 30 minutes then make the formula up, then wait another 30 minutes before putting them in the fridge.

That's just making the formula up, it's not covering washing bottles, sterilising them, going to the doctors for their prescription. Them coming off this will save me at least an hour a day - more time to play with the babies! Yay!

It was also nice to go onto the ward and see some of the nurses who looked after the babies. They couldn't believe the change in them.

The best bit of the day though, for me, was meeting a mummy who had a baby in special baby care. Her son was born 11 weeks early just like ours and she was right in the middle of the stress and worry I remember so well.

She was so happy to see our babies and hear about how they had come on. She kept saying to her mother 'Look! This is what he'll be like in a year.'

I hope she felt better after our conversation. I certainly felt like we'd got an 'A' on our report card by the time we left.

Pictures show why we are baby proofing the house this weekend.

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