Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Birthday

Today was the babies first birthday - how long can I keep calling them the babies? Anyway despite the snow trashing our plans and preventing visits from their granny we managed to drag a nice day out of it.

Due to our friends intrepidness we had visitors most of the day. Andrea, Simon and the kids were first; Bex from Manchester; Elaine and finally Ted and Erin all managed to get to ours through the snow.

The babies were excited and occasionally overwhelmed. We opened lots of presents (thank you!) and I took the occasional moment to kiss a baby and thank them for being my baby. I didn't cry - we're not counting slightly teary are we? Good.

To see how they looked last year just click on this link

Pictures are:
The family Chatten and the babies
The family Cunnington
Elaine and Bex with the babies
Ted, Erin and the babies

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