Saturday, 24 November 2012

Immunisations, a new baby and a jumperoo

This week the babies had their 4 month immunisations. 'But aren't they 8 months old?' you ask. Why yes they are.

Not entirely sure who should have been keeping up with it but I just wondered last week when their next immunisations were due and looked in the red book to discover it was 4 months late!

Apparently the GP should have sent me a reminder. They didn't. The health visitor obviously didn't check, nor the hospital.

Fair enough the responsibility comes down to the parents - as well as the stress. Mum and I took them up on Monday for their jabs. It turned out to be 3 injections per baby. 9 in total.

What's the worst thing is that babies do this silent scream thing where it hurts so much they cannot even make a sound but their faces contort with pain. Then about 5 seconds later the noise hits and they cry.

My point being here that I'm sure it's really hard taking one baby but just imagine watching one baby scream 3 times then knowing you have 2 more to go. The tears were not just theirs!

Luckily mum came along because I wanted to just get it all done and could not wait for one baby to totally calm down before the next had theirs done. So it was handy to pass the baby a little calmed down onto her.

I've decided Daddy is coming next time. Lucky him!

It's worth mentioning though that for the first injection Beth just looked a bit confused, no tears at all until the second and third. She's hard that girl!

I was glad that it was over and it wasn't me getting stabbed with a needle though I'd have happily been stabbed instead. To be fair though I spent two IVFs and one pregnancy stabbing myself with needles so maybe I've done my share.

In other news we have a jumperoo - a contraption the babies can bounce in. The boys are a little confused - Charlie wonders why we put him in there, Lex likes playing with the toys but hasn't figured out he can bounce yet, Beth has and she would like to live in there.

I also got to see Auntie Anna's baby Florrie this week, a few days late but I had a cold and didn't want to pass on my lergy. She's gorgeous, has so much hair and I'm so thrilled for Anna and Bob. I showed the babies a picture of Anna holding Florrie and they were so excited. It's weird to think they have never seen anyone smaller than them. Thanks to the chocolate energy fairy there are plenty of people smaller than me at the moment!

Pictures below are just to show how totally gorgeous the babies are. Yes I am biased but that's my job.

Pictures are:
Beth in 'her' bouncer

They are proper gorgeous though aren't they? Every day there is at least one time with each baby where I get a rush of joy at how lucky I am to know them. Parenthood is pretty bloody fabulous.

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