Friday, 14 December 2012

Catch up

It's been busy in the baby zoo hence the lack of posts. The babies are busy rolling around, becoming obsessed with their feet and making noises. Charlie makes sounds that might be words in another language. Lex squeals or makes a noise that sounds like he's straining on the loo. Beth is enjoying makes choking noises. We're so glad they are experimenting with different sounds...

Meanwhile mummy and daddy have been working out finances for mummy's return to work (there won't be any) and trying to sort childcare.

Turns out getting someone to look after three babies is both tricky and expensive. Who knew? Childminders can only have 3 kids between 1-4 so we'd be block booking them. There's not many who are totally free and if they are there might be a reason for that!

Another option is a nursery. We're on a waiting list for one up the road but they won't have spaces until July and I'm back at work in April. It's also the most expensive option but would get the kids mingling with other children which I do think is important.

Lastly there's a nanny. Great that they'd come to us but they don't really have to have any qualifications plus if they are ill you are a bit stuck. It would be the cheapest option for us though.

So that's taking a bit of work. No solution as yet. My ideal would be a nanny for most of the time then a nursery for an afternoon a week, building up as they get older. It might be a case of just taking what we can get, at least at first. Not really what you want to do with your precious babies.

Other than that both granny's have been visiting and we've been getting ready for Christmas. Should be a good one!

Pictures are:

Lex, Beth, Charlie
Beth, Charlie, Lex
Granny Cunnington helping feed the babies
Granny Cunnington after a day with the babies!

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  1. I had a nanny and it was great. I went to Granville college (now part of Sheffield College) where they run an NNEB course. I advertised it there and got some excellent applicants - fresh out of college so young (and therefore a bit cheaper), but fully qualified and enthusiastic. Might be worth contacting them.