Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things people say

I thought, for this post, I do one of my irregular 'things random people say' posts. It often surprises me when people comment as we walk by. It seems normal to me to have 3 babies but apparently it's rather unusual.

As always the most common statement is 'you've got your hands full!' A week or so ago I had walked to the co-op and was just heading back when I got my third random person say 'you've got your hands full!'

I feel like a famous person with a catchphrase sometimes. What do you say in response by the third time?

Well this time I tried 'do you know that's the third time someone has said that to me in the last ten minutes.' To which the response was 'well it must be so hard.' 'Well not most days.' I said.

'Well maybe it'll be ok when they are older.' She said.

'Its good now thanks.' I replied.

'I suppose you have to make do with what you have.' She said.

'Which one would you have me send back?' I asked (in a jokey way).

'Oh well you just have to cope.' She replied and went on her way.

Then the next day I was stopped in the street by an old lady who said, 'ooh are you the triplet mummy from Main Avenue?' I said that I was. 'Ooh you are so lucky,' she said, 'my husband and I tried for 18 years before my daughter was born. I was 42 when I had her.'

'Im 42 too.' I told her.

'Babies are such a blessing.' She said. I agreed and she went on her way.

I can tell you which conversation meant more to me.

Photos are:
Charlie and Lex discover the joy of hands
Charlie and Lex open presents from granny Cunnington
Beth and Lex

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