Sunday, 11 November 2012

Baby round up

I thought it was time for another review of the babies.

He just rolled over for the first time last night. He's a little later than the other two to do things but he's so vocal I do think he might be the first to talk - or at least to sing.

He still loves music and when the Charlie shouting is reaching a crescendo a round of 'the wheels on the bus' will produce happy smiles straight away.

You can tell when he is sleepy because his hands rise up to either side of his head. The higher they are the more tired he is.

He's just started sleeping through (thankfully!) so fingers crossed that continues. Two down and only one to go....

Lex is not keen on sleeping. He likes to be up, squealing and shouting. He does sound like he is having fun but we do wish it wasn't at 5.30am.

He's rolling everywhere at the moment - on the floor and trying to roll out of his bouncy chair. He is the most smiley of the three - pretty much always gives you a big grin.

He's still loving textures which makes dressing him hard as his hand clamps on any fabric (such as a sleeve) passing by his hand. Makes dressing him a bit of a wrestling match what with that and the rolling.

She's a real daddy's girl and just lights up when he comes home from work. She's still loving 'twinkle twinkle' and particularly the twinkly hand movement. She's obsessed with hands and will watch you clap for ages.

Beth either wants to be cuddled or wriggle on the floor. She's started crying when I leave the room and is a bit nervous of strangers. She's been rolling over for quite a while now and is very happy sitting in the highchair so I suppose sitting up is next.

She does this weird swimming movement when she's on the floor where she kicks off the floor with her feet and pushes upwards with her hands. It means she shoots backwards with some speed. She, as yet, has no idea that there may be obstacles behind her. She will find out I'm sure. I'm hoping we can put that off for as long as possible.

Ooh and she's just cutting her first tooth.

Photos are:
Charlie in his high chair
Beth, Lex, Charlie
Charlie - note the hands. Quiz - Is he tired?
Lex and Charlie
Beth watching 'return of the Jedi' with daddy

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