Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Birthday

Daddy's first birthday with the babies also coincided with his 40th which worked out quite nicely. I had a lovely day off to spend with Claire and the babies. Daddy was showered with presents and a little baby sick.

The weekend got even better. Grandma Cunnington came up and on the Saturday Claire had arranged a great surprise party. Lots of thanks for everyone who came especially the southerners John, Janet, Brett, Bonn and Cerys.

The babies even dressed for the occasion. Mummy especially liked this bit.

The babies sleep patterns have changed. Well Lex's. He has decided that he must now wake up at five am and he thinks that everyone else must get up as well. Mummy and Daddy are trying to persuade him to copy Beth who still sleeps all the way through.

The babies also dressed for Halloween. Again Mummy loved this bit. They only got one trick or treater so Mummy and Daddy had to eat all the sweets :-)

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