Monday, 20 February 2012

What on earth is rutabaga?

I'm a lady of leisure now I've finished work. I've managed to fill the first week up quite successfully, with people coming to quote on paving so we can park our giant car when we get it, St Lukes coming to pick up books and bric a brac plus a coffee with the other multiples mummies from our hospital course.

I have become obsessed with dust. Well I have started to notice it which is obsessed as far as I am concerned! I have a feeling I'd better crack on with organising things because soon I may be unable to move about much. Matt continues to tell me to rest and I continue to try despite thinking 'Oh I'll just do that...'

Today we had another scan and the babies are doing really well.
Girl baby - 1lb 6
Littlest boy - 1lb 3
Biggest boy - 1lb 9
The girl and little boy have put on 4 oz in 2 weeks and the bigger boy has put on 6!

Consultant is very happy with how things are going and is now talking about aiming delivery for 34 weeks rather than the 30 weeks he was saying before. 34 weeks would be great as the babies should (hopefully) only need to stay in hospital a few weeks. 34 weeks puts us to nearly the end of April - that's a LOT of belly growing for me. More reason to crack on with the sorting.

My blood pressure is still staying super low, which is great, especially as parking around the hospital is a nightmare! Next appointment is the 7th March and the week after I have to repeat the lovely gestational diabetes test. In between I will rest whilst sorting out the babies room.

Tomorrow is 25 weeks and according to the latest UK figures (that I could find) survival rates go up from 45% last week to 67%. The vegetable representation of our babies size is now rutabaga. I am now off to google rutabaga.

Oh its a swede/turnip!

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  1. I thought it was an american motor home, but it turns out I was thinking of a Winnebago.