Wednesday, 8 February 2012

6 week scan

At 6 weeks pregnant we paid for a private scan to see what was going on. Matt kept joking that I was having a 'litter.' He was convinced there were 8 babies in there.

The consultant started the scan and immediately this appeared.
It was quite clear that there was more than 1 sac. Hmmm...was Matt right? The consultant said 'The left hand sac is larger but I think there's only one in there. I can clearly see an embryo in the right hand one. Oh hang on! There's 2 in the left. It's triplets.'

Oh my god! To say it was a shock is an understatement. The consultant was sure that they wouldn't all last and was also worried that the identical twins in one sac didn't have a membrane between them (monozygotic monoamniotic) - this was bad as once they grow they can tangle in each others umbilical cord. We were told that we wouldn't find out for sure until later.

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