Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Just after Christmas we went for another scan and got pics of the babies. Still no signs of twin to twin.

Early January we went to Oxford for a posh weekend away - we figured we probably won't be doing that for a while. We stayed at the 5* Hotel - The Randolph.

At our evening meal we discussed and agreed names. We still didn't know what gender the bonus baby was.

The hospital organised two Saturdays of training for parents expecting multiples. We found it really useful. The first covered delivery options (no options for us - it'll be a caeserean) and a tour of the special baby care unit. We know our babies will end up in there so it was good to see what it was like.

I thought it'd be like ER with doctor running around everywhere, lots of beeping and lights flashing. As usual I was being far too imaginative and actually it was very quiet and chilled. I feel a lot better about them being in there now.

The second week was about feeding and caring for your babies. Matt got 10/10 for baby dressing - I was so proud! And I got to play with a knitted boob and try to figure out how to feed more than 1 baby.

How weird is that? Anyway everyone was else was JUST having twins so we are the freaks even in the freak show! I am getting used to this.
Then at the end of January we had our 20 week scan - it took ages as they had to do a structural scan of each baby and its quite a tangle in there. Mr Johki told us our bonus baby was 'A girl - or a very disappointed boy.' Hurrah!

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