Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gang formation

Yesterday was a momentous day as Charlie was taken off oxygen. It was a great relief! He has to be checked quite frequently over the next few weeks but so far he's doing great.

What I love most about having triplets is watching them interact. This can be a pain as Charlie and Lex cry when the other one cries.

What's great though is watching them play or comfort each other. It's the sweetest thing as the evidence below shows. When you put them next to each other the first thing they do is touch hands. The hitting comes a bit later!

I love the idea that they will always have each other. I know my sisters are special to me and I can only imagine how much these three will mean to each other. You can already see it.

Pictures are Beth and Charlie discovering that they can hit the toys dangling over their heads, two of Charlie's cheeks, Beth sleeping whilst Charlie and Lex examine a toy intently, Beth stroking Lex.

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