Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympic athletes

It's been busy here at the Cunnington Baby Zoo. Charlie came home from his operation having done very well. As it was keyhole surgery he just has tiny scabs on his tummy and seems to be just fine now.

The kids have been inspired by the Olympics and are training for different sports- Beth the '24 hour sleep challenge', Lex the 'Mixed Screamathon' and Charlie the ' Cutey Smile Tournament' although tonight he has been rivalling Lex in his chosen sport.

Last weekend John and Janet visited from down sarf. What happens when a trained nanny and avid DIYer visit? Lots gets done! We were and are extremely grateful. It was lovely too see them too and feel like real people briefly.

This week Matt went back to work and I had the kids at home. I have had lots of help - thankfully! - some paid for by the state. Don't worry the kids will be paying taxes for a long time to make up for it!

Monday and Tuesday my mum was up in her regular slot. She's settling into our routine and helps loads with feeding and bedtime. Wednesday morning I was alone and strangely the kids were fine.

Wednesday afternoon our homestart volunteer came. She's fostered over 50 kids so is very handy to have around. Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings we get support workers in and Thursday afternoon another worker (no idea actually who she works for - maybe I should find out?) comes in.

So I'm on my own Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. I've kinda relished the challenge which is good as a lot of this extra help only lasts 6 weeks.

Attached are pictures of Charlie and Lex smiling (also Charlie smiling at me) and two of Beth sleeping.

Next week we're trialling Charlie off oxygen!!! He's done amazingly well so fingers crossed he carries on doing that. Will get pics of those chubby cheeks as soon as. Can't wait!

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  1. Oh Claire.... they are really coming on so well. What gorgeous little bundles they are. The happiness in your picture radiates. xx