Friday, 13 July 2012

Three weeks

The babies have been home three weeks now and you can probably tell by my lack of blogging that we've been quite busy.

The order of importance in our house now is babies, piggies, us. The piggies are feeling very neglected so you can imagine what we are like!

There was a point last week when I couldn't even remember when I last showered!

At first things were going well at night. The babies were sleeping around 3 hours then waking up for feeds. Oh how we dream of those nights now! We are hoping they are going through a growth spurt... Please don't disabuse us of the notion.

A few nights ago I was sat on the side of the bed rocking back and forth - and Matt said 'Claire, you are not holding a baby!' I thought I was!

The days have mostly been great fun though, except for the crappy weather. We have tried to get out every day, even in the rain.

I have attached pictures of cute babies, screaming babies, feeding babies, daddy with his babies and Beth's new smile.


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures. We've never met, but you wouldn't believe how happy it makes me to see them and to know that things have worked out so well for you and how brilliantly well you're coping with three babies.(Sorry to gush!)Blods xx

  2. I couldn't help but smile to read you were rocking on the edge of the bed oblivious to the fact you weren't actually holding a baby.

  3. Dear Claire and Matt

    Congratulations for your babies, they look wonderful ;) and congratulations for your blog, I personally have 3 week old twins and it is great to read your posts...

    On one of your pictures it looks like you're using hands-free baby bottles, do you recommend them? If it works well they could be so useful...

    All the best to you and your family. Take care.

  4. Hi. The poddees work well when the babies are hungry as they keep going and don't require much intervention. As the day goes on it seems they require more intervention so do require perserverence

    Good luck!