Friday, 3 August 2012

Teeth already?

This blog post is just an excuse to post cute pictures. All going well here. Charlie might be teething super early but there's no tooth to prove that yet. Lex is screaming a little less. Beth is waking up a bit more.

We went to the hospital for the babies to have a check up. The doctor was very pleased with their progress. Beth's tiny holes in her heart seem to have closed. Lex is still growing at a slightly scary pace and Charlie is doing great without the oxygen.

The babies have also decided to sleep longer overnight. Beth and Charlie used to wake at 11pm then 1 then 6. Now they wake at 2am and 5.30 ish. Lex just sleeps through until 5.30. Of course thanks to charlies teething that went out of the window last night but never mind.

Anyway its all good. The photos show smiley babies and a bit of sisterly and brotherly love. First up is two of Lex and Charlie (Lex on the left), Lex smiling, Beth smiling then finally Beth and Charlie.

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