Wednesday, 18 July 2012

All about Charlie

Charlie has an operation tomorrow. He says he wants to explore more of the hospitals of Sheffield. He has an inguinal hernia and, as this is at risk of strangulating, he had to get it fixed.

I'm going to the hospital with him and Matt is staying at home with Beth and Lex. My mum is coming up to help him.

That's his bad medical news, on the upside he's doing really well on oxygen. He was on 0.5 (Lex was on 0.1) and his test results are so good he's now on 0.3. I have no real clue what these figures mean but I do know that they said it'd be one point down per month so going down two in a day makes him exceptionally clever.

I haven't given any updates on weight lately. Remember I thought they were going through a growth spurt? Well they sure were! The scores on the door are below...

Charlie - 8 pound 5
Lex - 9 pound 9
Beth - 7 pound 3

All have piled on weight in the last few days but Charlie took the prize with 11 ounce gain in 4 days!

Below are cute pics of Charlie.

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  1. Hope Charlie gets through his op with the minimum discomfort. See you all again in a few weeks once we're back.