Monday, 4 June 2012

We're in for the whole ride

So you remember that roller coaster ride people warned us about when we knew our babies would be in special care? we've experienced that this week.

Beth and Daddy discover a new normal
The brilliant bit was that Beth was allowed home! She's settled in great and looking after her is mostly (except around 3am) great fun. Having her home just makes me so keen to have the boys home too so we can get on with our new family life.

Unfortunately they think the boys have got flu and they've been moved into isolation (room 5 on the unit that takes only 1 or in this case 2 babies). We were advised not to visit as we'd be risking passing it onto Beth. We were told they'd get test results today to confirm if it is flu.

By 2pm they'd had no results so I headed in to at least look at them through the glass. As it was I could go into the room but just not touch anything. Also there was no one wearing hazmat suits which was quite disappointing.

Anyway the boys are quite snuffly as they have been for at least a week. Their oxygen needs haven't gone up and they don't have fevers.

I'm not a doctor but it doesn't seem like flu to me. Anyway now it looks like we will find out by Wednesday at the latest.

So it's lovely being at home with Beth, catching up with our washing and eating meals with vegetables included but I feel something (two things) are missing. Here's hoping the test results just show a cold.


  1. Hospitals - What do they know? I've had flu and I can tell you I looked nothing like as healthy as those boys.

  2. Comment from Denise...

    Congratulations on three beautiful babies. Always in my thoughts.

    Love Denise xxx

  3. Hope the boys are on the mend & you can all be together as a family soon :-)