Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is that light at the end of that tunnel?

Charlie, Beth and Lex
Big news this week they are talking about sending the boys home! Both are doing really well. Lex is ready to go home - taking his bottles and stable on oxygen (although they are trying to wean him off). Charlie isn't quite there yet as he doesn't take all his food by bottle (although he just had a whole bottle with me) but he's very close.

Charlie and Lex
Looks like the plan is that they will come home with Charlie definitely on oxygen and hopefully Lex not on it. Charlie could, apparently, be on oxygen for 6 months or so - or the nurse said maybe next spring if he gets a lot of colds. So if we seem paranoid about your health when you visit hopefully you can understand why.

They are having their oxygen levels checked again Sunday night and a referral has gone off to the company that fit the oxygen - we're going to have tubing all over the house.

Of course this is all irrelevant so long as we get those boys home.

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