Saturday, 23 June 2012

Busy busy busy

Sorry for the lack of updates but, as you can see from the blog title, we are very busy. Why? Because the boys are coming home on Monday!!!!!

Both will be on oxygen with Charlie on a bit more than Lex. The oxygen nurse explained that the boys both have scars on their lungs from being born so early and having to go on ventilators. This means they get less oxygen each breath than an average baby of their size. This then affects their growth. The additional oxygen just means they grow properly.

Over the next few months their body will replace the cells in their lungs, the scars will go and eventually they won't need additional oxygen any more.

Hopefully with lex it'll only be a month or so but Charlie could take six months or more to grow new lungs. Apparently if they get colds or chest infections it could set them back. The nurse said if Charlie gets a lot of colds it could be next spring!

So we have quite draconian rules about what we can and can't do. No crowds, no kids (except in the open air and lergy free), no flying (like we would!), no naked flames...

So if you do want to visit us please make extra sure you are bug free and don't be upset if you want to bring kids and we suggest we meet in a park. Also do get in touch first as we might be sleeping!

Anyway so as well as getting oxygen canisters and a condenser fitted to the house we've had lots of other things to do - clothes to sort, bouncers to build, mattresses to buy, bank accounts to open - yes the kids now have their own baby saver accounts.

The babies are all fine by the way - as cute as ever. The boys had their first bath this week (hopefully the longest they will go without a bath in their lives) which lex loved and Charlie hated. Lex has taken up both smiling and screaming. Charlie now loves taking his bottles. Beth is an angel during the day and Princess Grumpy at night.

Attached are pics of the boys in their cot, Beth as a ballerina and lex after his bath.


  1. Now you've got your work cut out. No nurses to do the night time feeding, bathing, changing etc. AND you have to keep the house clean and tidy in case the Health Visitor/District Nurse/Child Catcher pops in. LOL.
    G xx

  2. So exciting for you! Good luck - though I'm sure you won't need it as you both seem absolute naturals at this parenting game. Enjoy the coming months, you've worked so hard to get here. Well done! Best wishes Blods xx

  3. Such good news, hope it comes quick!!! Good luck once the time comes, try to take plenty of pics as it will pass in a flash xxx

  4. I am so sorry I have been a lousy commenter. I read every post and am so happy that the NICU stay is coming to an end. Love you.