Monday, 25 June 2012

Home sweet home

For a while it looked a bit touch and go but they are finally home!

We were due to stay over at the hospital Sunday night - all five of us. Yesterday morning we noticed Beth had a cold. Nightmare! I rang the hospital fully expecting them to say that we should stay away.

After much discussion they suggested that I come in and stay, with Matt staying at home with Beth. So last night I headed in, a little nervous about caring for two babies overnight on my own.

The boys were quite unsettled, waking often, but I didn't have my nightmare - both babies crying uncontrollably at the same time, until the next day. So the night itself wasn't as bad as is imagined.

Matts night was more stressful than he'd imagined as Beth took up projectile vomiting for a hobby.

We met monday morning at the hospital both looking a little tired and started getting ready to come home. It takes a long time to get three babies fitted into car seats for the first time!

Then it turned out that they needed a final exam by a doctor so we had to get them out again! Charlie seems to have developed an inguinal hernia so might be having a mini operation in a few weeks.

Anyway finally we were ready to go. All babies were looking peckish but we thought it was better to get them home rather than feed them then shake them about (that's Sheffield roads for you). We got ready to leave when....the doctor returned and said a surgeon was available to look at Charlie's hernia - could we wait five minutes?

We agreed and I went to buy us drinks. The surgeon turned up after a while, examined Charlie and told us about the surgery.

By this point everyone just wanted to go. Eventually we were told it was ok to leave, loaded up with lots of baby feeding and breathing supplies, and wheeled the twin buggy and single buggy out.

I felt very emotional and just so stunned that they were actually letting us leave with three gorgeous babies! Matt drove them home in the galaxy and I followed in the focus.

We brought them into the house and... All three screamed in hunger! It was chaos, not the gentle welcome home I'd wanted at all.

Nevermind it's Tuesday now and after a fitful night it's all chilled here at chez Cunnington. Photo proof follows. We have Lex checking out the play mat, Beth in quarantine and Charlie getting daddy cuddles.

I can't entirely believe we wont have to take them back in a few days.

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome. I'm actually a bit teary reading this post as it's just hit me how far you have come. All the turmoil and effort of trying to get pregnant, then finding out that you're having three and the worries that came with that news. Then hospital and frightening stuff involving complicated acronyms and now, finally, three babies at home. It's truly wonderful news and I'm so so pleased for you.

    2 big hugs and 3 little (germ-free) hugs coming your way from rainy Derbyshire.

    Lesley xx