Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cuddles for everyone!

Aunty Julie and Mummy tandom feeding
It's been a different sort of a week. It started with not being able to see Charlie and Lex as they were in isolation. This was quite weird and not very pleasant. We got caught up with our washing but it really wasn't worth it.
The Godfather - Gareth - with Beth

Meanwhile lots of people came to see Beth (photo evidence littering this post) and to have cuddles. She enjoyed all the attention.

Aunty Bex and Beth
Aunty Peggy with Beth
After a few days the boys were released from isolation, as they showed no sign of flu, and put into room 6 (intensive care). This meant that we could visit them but not with Beth. So one of us had to sit in the family room while the other one went to see the boys. It was a right faff.

Aunty Jo with Beth (note the lovely quilt in the background)
The week picked up when Granny Cunnington got the all clear to visit. It was great to see her and the babies loved Granny cuddles, although Beth was distracted by a lovely New Zealand quilt.

Granny Cunnington FINALLY gets cuddles
Finally the boys were moved back into cots and back into Special Care. Hurrah! Now we can visit with Beth and pick them up at will. They have both started feeding on demand - another step closer to the door. Now it's just that whole oxygen thing then Hotel Chaos will be opening on Main Avenue. Insanely we can't wait.

Erin and Beth
Today the babies all had their weigh in. They are all huge! Well the boys anyway.

Below are baby pics and weights.

Lex is 6 pound 11 (and a bit ginger)

Charlie is 5 pound 11

Beth is now 5 pound

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  1. Am very worried that when you get all three home you'll do a Cameron and leave one of them somewhere. Can the hospital sell you some of those alarms?