Tuesday, 2 October 2012


When the babies were in hospital I told the sister that I planned for us all to go away in September to a log cabin in the woods. 'You'll never do that !' she said, 'You'll still have the boys on oxygen. It'd be a nightmare.'

Well initially it was a bit of a nightmare but not because of that. The weather was awful! We were due to leave on the Monday and was raining so hard that Matt had to change his waterproof coat after loading the car because it wasn't waterproof any more.

We were all for going the next day but Granny Cunnington was determined 'You'll be glad once you are there.' she said so we jumped into the cars and off we went.

I was leading the (two car) convoy. The road between Sheffield and Baslow was a paddling pool. It got interesting when a van came the other way...

But we got there in the end and I was very relieved. The cabin was great and the complex was really good too. It stayed rainy for the next day or so but we still got out and about.

On the Wednesday the sun came out and we went for a bigger forest walk. It started off well then we reached a very large stretch of mud - not so easy to get through with a triple buggy.

Luckily Orson Welles appeared (or someone who looked a lot like him) and he carried the buggy through the mud lake with Matt. He then strode off - cigar in mouth.

We rounded the next corner to be greeted by another lake of mud! Oh dear - we couldn't go forward or back. Then we noticed a stile to our left leading out to a country road. So over we went - babies first then buggy. Granny Cunnington is strong!

All in all a dramatic holiday (in a small way) but we had a great time and even better Beth decided to sleep right through the night.

It's been a whole week so far. Go Beth!

The boys are still waking once to feed but last night it was 5am so we are getting somewhere. Woohoo!

Today we went to the hospital for the babies 6 months check up. The doctor was really impressed with them and their progress.

We also saw a physio who checked the babies and advised us on what to do to encourage the babies to roll over.

So this evening we put the babies on the floor (as we have done before) and put Beth on her front. She rolled straight over! She did it again later too so it wasn't a fluke. Good girl!

Pictures are:
Beth planning her next move
The cabin
Charlie with a monkey
Cross eyed Lex
The babies
The woods


  1. Well done all of you. You have to get out and about, and babies are fairly waterproof. Love the idea of a triple buggy going over a stile!

  2. You make gorgeous Babies guys. :-)

  3. You're so brave heading out in that rain. I'm glad it all turned out well. I LOVE seeing your little ones photos. You sound very happy!