Saturday, 20 October 2012

Missing - one daddy

This week was a tough one at chez Cunnington as daddy Cunnington went away on training for work. This left mummy Cunnington at home for four days with three babies who were missing their daddy.

Thank god for friends is all I can say! Monday and Tuesday Andrea and Lily came to help with bedtime. The trickiest things with baby triplets is feeding time. I'm sure there will be trickier things later but three babies, two hands is a conundrum.

During the day I get all three lined up in their bouncy chairs and either prop feed all three or prop feed one and hold bottles for the other two. I'll add a picture so you can see prop feeding at work.

The bedtime feed is upstairs with no chairs so you really need at least two people which is why I was so grateful for the help.

Wednesday, thanks to a bit a miscommunication, I ended up with three screaming babies to feed alone at bedtime. This was not fun but I pulled on my 'mummy can do anything' jacket and figured it out. It involved pillows and tears (not all of them produced by babies).

Thursday daddy came home and the sheer joy on the babies face was only matched by my own - and his!

I'm on a triplet group on Facebook and some mummy's moan about how little their fellas do. I don't join in or boast but I know that without Matts help running the triplet zoo would be an awful lot harder.

So raise your glasses ladies and gents to a wonderful daddy (who also happens to be 40 in a few days).

Pictures are:
Me looking very happy Daddy is home
The babies prop feeding
The babies facing each other - they all turned away! There must have been a falling out in the baby zoo

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