Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Space the final frontier

Last weekend Uncle Andrew and his girlfriend Jackie came up visit - and they brought toys! It was lovely to see them, meet Jackie and watch the babies interact with them.

As usual they loved the attention! Uncle Andrew also helped Matt shift furniture around. As we can't afford an extension the only option left has been getting rid of furniture.

We sold a double bed and armchair on eBay which meant the house could be shifted about a bit. Somehow the loss of one chair downstairs has created more room in all three rooms! It's a space creating miracle!

The babies room has floor space now thanks to the loss of the double bed. It does mean the tiny box room will soon have an extra thin single bed in it for grannys. Lucky grannys.

The living room too has floor space and the combination of that and new toys has kept the babies wriggling.

Since then we've just been enjoying the new space and - another miracle - Charlie slept through last night!!!!

Just one to go. Please Lex don't let us down.

Pictures are:
Playing with their new toys and Jackie
Beth with a fetching new hat
Beth after a bath (photo requested by aunty Bex)
Two photos of the trio - Lex, Beth, Charlie (from left)

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