Sunday, 23 September 2012


Today the babies are six months old. Where did that time go? It feels both like ages and seconds. It seems aeons ago that the babies were in hospital but seconds since I first saw them.

The babies have all been poorly with a cold but they are recovering now. There was a lot of snot there for a while and a worried mummy watching out for signs of chest infections. Unfortunately it has reminded me why we must avoid the babies catching any colds for the next few months. I shall have to remain a hermit until the flu season has passed.
Baby Pile on

We have had visitors - Aunty Bex came for a baby pile on. See the evidence. Aunty Anna came to pick up some baby stuff for her impending arrival.

Granny Cunnington is up at the moment and we are going away for a few days - are we crazy? Possibly! I can't wait as we are booked into a lodge in the woods - but mostly because for an entire week there will be three adults and three babies - that's a holiday for me!

However Matt has just informed me we are due a months worth of rain in the next 24 hours. That'll be fun!

Lex - 13 pound 10

We also had a weigh in this week. Lex is now 13 pound 10 and sticking to the 25th percentile. Charlie is 12 pound 3 and has moved up from the 2nd to the 9th percentile. Beth is 10 pound 11 and have moved from the 0.2 to the 2nd percentile.

Charlie - 12 pound 3
If you don't understand percentiles don't worry - the basic gist is that they are doing really well and to prove it the health visitor is not coming back until November.

So in six months we became parents, changed many hundreds of nappies, had many hundreds of cuddles, the babies all came off oxygen, out of hospital, learnt how to smile and giggle. So far it's been eventful and a total honour.

Beth - 10 pound 11
Recently there was a 'One Born Every Minute' programme about twins and triplets. One doctor (who we nearly saw) described multiple births as an 'unfortunate side effect' of fertility treatment. Feels amazingly fortunate to me (and he's an arse!).


  1. What an amazing 6 months you have had! The babies are so beautiful, they look so contented, you are doing a fab job :-)

  2. Wow, six months...... and they are so gorgeous... hope you had a lovely weekend...