Friday, 14 September 2012

Fun fun fun

The babies are just so much fun at the moment. They have all mastered smiling and giggling - plus they seem to think Matt and I are the coolest people ever. I just have to sing a song to get huge grins or blow a raspberry for giggles. The same goes for Matt (that they respond to him in the same way not that he is so easily entertained - just before you say it Gareth).

Weaning continues and the scores are:
Carrot 1 - broccoli 0
Mashed potato 0 - sweet potato 2
Banana porridge 1 - banana 2

Next on the agenda is meat so I have a chicken stew in the slow cooker (minus salty stock). We'll see what they think.

The babies are also making lots of new sounds. Lex squeals with delight, Charlie said 'yeah' at a very appropriate time, Beth has a new shout which sounds like 'maaaa!' which, I believe means - more! I described it to Matt as sounding like a lost parrot. I shall try to record these sounds at some point.

Charlie has an ear infection so is on antibiotics. We only figured this out when Matt noticed him shaking his head from side to side. I asked Dr google who told me it was either an ear infection or autism. Luckily the doc found a sore ear.

The next step is rolling over and we've caught all three on their side ready to go over but then they've rolled back. It's going to be very soon. We need to start thinking about baby proofing the house!

I've been getting out a bit more and met up with my fellow multiple mummy's this week in a nearby park. It does feel so nice to not be the only freak in the village.

On the same note we're off to millhouses park tomorrow to meet two sets of triplets and their parents. Can't wait! Is it bad if I hug them? Lol.

I'll try to get some pics and report back.

Pictures below are:
Mum with the babies

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