Saturday, 8 September 2012

Things people say

Obviously having triplets we are very visible. When I'm pushing the triple on my own I'm extremely visible. People say all sorts of odd things.

Best things - its lovely when people say how gorgeous the babies are, how lucky we are. It's nice to meet people who have twins, or are one of twins (never met a triplet yet!) and get their perspective on being a multiple.

Most often heard - You've got your hands full! I hear this every day at least once. It isn't offensive but it does get a bit dull.

Funniest - the delivery men who said Matt should be very proud of having triplets - implying it meant he was the king of virility.

Rudest - worst ever goes to the man who said 'my sympathies' to me when I told him I was pregnant with twins. Honourable mention to the man this week who said 'you've got problems!' as I walked past him pushing the buggy.

People are odd and also lovely, depending on which one you meet.

Attached are photos to prove that no-one should ever feel sorry for us. We are blessed.

Pictures are:
Lex, Beth, Charlie
Beth, Charlie, Lex
Beth and daddy

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  1. Definitely blessed and very lucky! The babes are a credit to you and absolutely adorable. Keep doing what you're doing as you've obviously nailed this child care malarky!Love Blods xx