Friday, 25 May 2012

What's this outside place?

Beth outside
Today was a very exciting day as we got to take Beth out for a walk. They kept the boys in as hostages so we would bring her back.

The buggy we had bought was not suitable for her (she's too tiny) so the hospital leant us their silver cross pram. We caused a bit of a stir around the park.

Beth was rather unimpressed but I have really missed the outside. Two months spent in hospital during daylight hours will do that.

Daddy and Beth outside
From now on its 'operation bottle' as one thing that babies need to be able to do before they come home is eat without needing a feeding tube - which can be by mummy milk or bottle but for both they need to be awake and premature babies are very sleepy. Except at 3am when all premature babies around the world wake to howl at the moon.

Beth was not as excited as us
So Matt and I are spending the next few days getting the babies used to bottles and hoping they carry on waking up to feed. So far Beth and Charlie have taken to bottles really well. Lex is unimpressed. He seems to prefer just lying there and being fed by tube. Hopefully he will take to it as all three need to be able to breastfeed and take a bottle in order for their mummy and daddy to have time in between feeds to do everything else - wash, sleep, wash clothes, clean, sleep - did I say sleep? At the moment we're on about 3-4 hours a night on a good night and my brain has gone on holiday somewhere.

It feels like we are SOooooo close now to getting them home. Weeks rather than months, days maybe for Beth. It's both exciting and a little bit scary. I was cuddling Beth today and thinking 'it's crazy but I think they are going to let me take her home!'


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