Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's all go here, hence the lack of updates. Charlie is doing so well they moved him into a cot - with his brother and sister. As you can imagine this was extremely exciting!

Then to raise the excitement we were offered the chance to live in at the hospital in a room with Beth to get ready to come home.

Bex, Mike and Babies

We stayed over the weekend, which was great if tiring and now we're here until Beth is released into the wild - somewhere between a week and ten days.

The boys will be a few weeks longer and we still don't know if they will be on oxygen or not at home.

Plus as added excitement auntie Bex and uncle mike came over on Sunday and granny Coleman stayed Monday night to cuddle babies.

For now our job is to get all the babies breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Matt gave Beth her first bottle today. She didn't take loads but she's getting there.

So hopefully we're not so far from the door now.

The babies seem less pleased to be reunited. Beth hits Charlie.
Charlie returns the favour


  1. Fabulous! I had a dream that all 3 were in the cot together. Mind you I also had a dream that I had to book holidays for Girls Aloud.

  2. They are gorgeous! I love seeing them together, side by side. Their little knit tops are also precious. I'm so pleased to read that they are doing well.