Tuesday, 29 May 2012


To be released into the wild a premature baby needs to be able to maintain their temperature, feed without a tube, breathe either in air or in a stable amount of oxygen and be gaining weight.
Beth is missing something...

Charlie and Lex pass all of the above except feeding without a tube (they are getting better at bottles and still faffing with breastfeeding) and are having tests to find the right level of oxygen for them to come home on. So both are a few weeks from home.

Beth on the other hand passes all these tests except last weigh in she'd lost 20 grams. I requested a recount and the next day she weighed in 40 grams up. We've been told if she's gained enough on Thursday we can take her home.... She needs to gain 40-60 grams by Thursday.

Lex and Charlie
Argh! Fingers and everything are very crossed. We will keep you updated.

In the meanwhile what's new about this picture of Beth? Plus I went to see the boys about 3am one day, they were both crying and soothing each other by patting hands. It was super cute. The picture below isn't from then but captures a similar moment.


  1. You must be so excited.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Claire. I wonder what your perfect present would be ....

  2. Oh Claire, they are doing so well, that day will soon be here! Whats different is that Beth has no ng tube!!!! Is she doing it all herself? clever little girly :-) Keep up the good work Mummy & keep the photos coming, really enjoy the updates

    Milly xxxx