Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Cunnington Wing rides again!

Beth and Lex settled into sharing a cot and decided to go camping together
Loads has happened this week and there are lots of pictures to illustrate it.

All the babies have continued to grow. Lex is still leading the pack at 4 pound 7. Beth is now 4 pound 1 and Charlie 3 pound 11. They have all been put on 1/4 Aptimil formula to speed their growth up a bit.

Lex and Charlie reunited
Charlie went onto low flow and did so well he was moved back to room 7. The refurbished Cunnington Wing has been reopened.

This was completely fantastic for me as it meant I could see all my babies at the same time.

It also meant that we could reunite Lex and Charlie. I got the first hold. They held hands pretty much straight away, then Lex tried to pull Charlies finger off and I had to seperate them.

Matt with his boys
Of course once this had happened we had to do it again. Next was Matt with his two sons. Nice to see that he was introducing them to Arsenal at the same time.

Today I had another chance to hold them. Both were crying but stopped as soon as I held them. They stared at each other and then held hands. Both I and the nurses got a bit sniffly.

Of course Beth was not to be left out and she met Charlie again too. They both waved their arms about.

Next plan is to hold all 3 but I want to wait until Matt is there as well for that momentous occasion.

Beth, Charlie and a knackered person
All the babies are doing very well. Next plan for Charlie is to get him into a cot. He weighs enough so he just has to maintain his temperature with the incubator set at 28 degrees. The nurses turn it down bit by bit. This evening it was at 29.1 and his temperature was 'great' so hopefully it won't be too long.

He will be in his own cot at first then move into the maxi cot with his brother and sister.

Could be the best picture ever
We had a meeting today about the babies and plans for the future. It looks like we're looking at another few weeks with Beth in the hospital and maybe a month with the boys. They might come home on oxygen - we're just going to see how they go.

To come home they all need to be waking up before dinner time and demanding food. They're still all quite sleepy at the moment....but gorgeous.

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