Monday, 5 August 2013

July Recap

Lex and his box
It's been a while! Sorry about that. Here's a quick recap of the last 6 weeks or so. My friend Anna came round with her baby Florrie - the kids were entranced. Matt and I managed to get out to a pub quiz with friends and won! Lex made friends with a box.
Charlie does not like grass
The babies have an irrational fear of grass. Mummy has a vitamin D and calcium deficiency possibly from growing 3 skeletons at the same time. We got a paddling pool and balls.

General Beth

Last week when we went on holiday with my sister Julie and her family and granny. We went to Bridlington and stayed in a huge house.
Beth accepts the fuss
The babies got loads of fuss from their relatives and we got to watch them loving that. Days out were a bit tricky thanks to the babies needing a sleep every afternoon but everyone coped very well with the many restrictions of multiple small people.
The babies, cousins John and Patrick, Daddy and Granny
I did also manage to pack a cold so me and the babies came down with it in turn. That meant a lot less sleep than we had planned but it was lovely to see everyone.

Charlie does like his ball pit
Here's where the babies are at. Charlie has moved from rolling to standing in a few weeks. He is now super excited by the whole standing thing.
Lex is stunned at Charlie standing
He is saying more words: 'wait' is still the favourite but 'hurray' and 'whoosh' have made an appearance. He loves watching cars and being tickled.


Lex is standing confidently and has taken a step or two. He is obsessed with 'round and round the garden' and comes over many times a day, looks up at you, and draws a circle on his hand. You must comply with his wishes.

Beth is walking 3-4 steps between furniture but is yet to strike out into the great unknown that is the centre of the room. She has started sorting things into colours and Matt was rather scared to see her sorting plastic dolphins and rings into a colour matched dolphin army. She loves building towers and anything we don't want her to do.
Lex, Beth and Charlie

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  1. They're so cute to see getting bigger and moving around! Beth looks so much smaller than the boys in that last photo. Fun to hear the updates!